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I needed something to help me get active again. I was at a point where my bad hips and arthritis were becoming excuses to say that I couldn’t to everything. I wasn’t going to enroll in Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping because I didn’t think I would be able to physically do it. But my spouse went through it and had amazing results and loved the positive environment. So I decided to enroll and go through 10 weeks and see what happened.

Since I began the Farrell’s program, I feel better and moving is easier. The physical change happened slowly, but I started to notice that my clothes fit better and then became loose. My attitude of ‘I can’t’ became ‘I will’.

Simply stated, the Farrell’s program works. You have to be willing to put the effort in, but Farrell’s gives you everything you need to succeed. It changes you more than just physically.

The camaraderie makes it fun. I got caught a couple times dancing during class and it was contagious to some people around me. I always found myself competing with my coach and people around me to do better because I saw them doing more than me and I wanted to be able to do it, too. In the beginning I was holding the bag to kick because of my hips. I remember Linda, the head coach, coming up to me and telling me to try not holding the bag and from then on I didn’t and I got stronger and my kicks got better. I started to make goals. I started the 10-week challenge with no expectation of winning the $1,000 prize and everyone was working so hard. I was surprised and excited at the session party when they called my name for the $1,000 prize because the hard work and dedication paid off - literally. It was the best feeling to have risen above my excuse of ‘I can’t’.

Joni E. before Farrell's 10-Week ChallengeJoni E. after Farrell's 10-Week Challenge

Farrell’s gave me the start that I needed to get moving. It’s the most fun at a gym I’ve had. Kickboxing makes you feel strong and there are modifications for every activity level. The positive atmosphere helps you accomplish what you are there for. Everyone is there for the same reason and I felt supported from day one. They don’t judge you. If the only thing stopping you from enrolling is that you don’t know if you can do it, then enroll and change your mind.

My advice would be to take a look at what you are doing. Food is the most significant factor. If you’re not fueling your body correctly to build strength and have energy, you’re not going to see great results. Use your fun day. Don’t think about going to the gym as something you might do if you have time; instead think of it as something that is part of your regular routine. This is a lifestyle change. You can’t expect the results from only doing part of it or only doing it for a while. Find a support system of people who will encourage you and who you can help encourage.

Joni E. is a FIT Member at our South Ankeny, Iowa, Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping location.

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